If you need to test the sound of an iPhone X, you need a sound analyzer

The iPhone X is getting a major overhaul, and it’s bringing with it new sound processing tools that sound even better.

The iPhone 8 and X models will now have built-in sound analyzers that will allow users to test out audio frequencies that are often used in tests to determine whether an iPhone’s audio system is ready for the next generation of iPhones.

“We think that the sound analyzators will enable you to listen to audio in ways that weren’t possible before,” said Tim D’Agostino, the senior VP of software engineering at Apple.

That includes listening to a new iPhone X in the dark, without any of the phone’s external lights on.

The phone will have built in sound meters, as well as “sound quality analyzers” that can help users measure the sound quality of their iPhones.

There’s also a new “audio test” feature that will be enabled on all iPhones.

Apple says that this feature is intended to help users verify that their audio system can handle new iPhone models.

It will let you check if the phone is ready to be connected to a home theater system or if it’s possible to play a particular track on a home speaker system.

Apple has also said that these new features will let users test out new iPhone features like Apple Pay.

“As a test device, it’s great,” said D’AGOSTINO.

“It lets you test whether the sound system is as good as you think it is, whether the phone will perform as well, or if you’re hearing the sound that you expected to hear, even though you were not able to listen directly to it.”

D’agostino said that the new features are part of the company’s efforts to improve the sound on iPhones.

He said that audio quality analyzer features are “something that we’ve been talking about for a long time.”

The company has already announced that it will start selling a new phone with these new sound analyzes, but it’s not clear how many phones will be available to purchase.

If you want to test your iPhone X for yourself, you can do so here.

You can listen to the new sound tests in this YouTube video that was uploaded by iMore.

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