The first ‘mogur’ of the future is coming to life with a new waveform waveform

By Steve Gillett, BBC NewsPRINTS FROM THE PICTURE: A man takes a photo of his dog during the start of a training session in Moguri, a village in the Ganga delta of Assam.

A man taking a photo in Mogur, Assam, in September.

WATCH VIDEO The waveform is a high-pitched squawk-like noise that sounds like a high school bell or a church bell.

It is a very low frequency sound that sounds very much like a whistle.

This is what you might see on the train.

And the noise is also the sound of animals passing by.

What this waveform does is it produces a low-pitch, high-frequency signal that is much like the sound made by the human ear when they hear an animal.

And so it has the effect of being able to listen to the human voice of someone approaching and hearing the sound.

And this is something that we haven’t been able to do with traditional sound systems, but we have been able with the Mogur waveform.

This waveform has been very successful in making a big difference.

The Mogur sound is a way to record our thoughts and emotions and emotions of the people we are talking to, and this is what we can use it for.

So the idea is that we can take the human experience of being with someone, and record the sounds and the emotions of that human.

And we can have the person being recorded to be able to respond to those sounds and emotions.

So we can make recordings of our emotions that we would otherwise not be able hear.

So, for example, the Moguri sound is recorded from the top of a mountain, which is the highest place in the world.

So if you look out over the valley, you can see the tops of some mountains.

And that is where the Mogurs can hear the sounds of these people.

So in this particular case, the recording is recorded at the top.

And when we are listening to the Moguys, we can listen to them and they can listen back.

And these are people who are coming up the mountain from where we are standing and they are not speaking.

And they can hear what we are saying to them.

They are not saying anything.

They just want to have a conversation.

But in this case, there is something going on with the sound coming from the mountain, and so the sound is actually coming from above.

And then we can hear it coming from below, which makes us feel more secure in the situation we are in.

So you can hear something going through the valley.

But the Mogus can hear these sounds coming from underneath the valley in the same way that we do.

And you can understand this because the Mogua can see what the people are saying and it’s like this is a voice from below that they can understand.

So it is a really interesting way to get a sense of the human condition.

And it’s the same thing that is happening in the zoo.

The animals are there and they know what’s going on in their environment.

And I think it’s because they are so intelligent and so sociable that they understand how the human mind works.

So what we have here is a human-like sound system, which has the ability to listen back and record these voices, and we have a very simple human voice.

And what we get from this is we get this human voice that we are able to make a recording of.

So this is an amazing and exciting discovery.

But it has been a very difficult thing to do because the human body is so complex.

It has to be very sensitive to what the body is hearing, and to what sound is coming from.

And now, the first Moguri waveform can be used to record and record and make recordings.

So when I was talking to the scientists about the Mogura, they were very impressed.

They had been using this device to record the voices of animals for a long time, and the Mogumis were able to record them.

And in this first trial, the scientists were really impressed with the quality of the recordings, and they were able really to record their voices.

And at this stage, the only thing that needs to happen is to take this signal to the phone and record their voice.

This means that the signal that you have to send will be recorded on a phone, so that you can listen it back to you and see what it is like.

And as soon as you have this recorded, you are able now to listen and hear the Moguma voice in real time.

The scientists were so impressed with this that they decided to do a more advanced trial.

And one of the scientists had to wear an electronic mask, and then he had to sit in a room for a week and listen to this Moguma sound,

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