Which audio frequencies are ‘dangerous’ to the public?

The government of France has just released an official list of audio frequencies that are dangerous to public health, including frequencies above a certain frequency.

In fact, the frequency that is deemed “dangerous” by the government is a frequency below that of normal human hearing, a frequency that may be considered a “dead zone” for people with hearing loss, and that has been used in experiments for decades to study the effects of loud music.

The frequencies listed in the list are in the same frequency range as those used in high-fidelity sound systems, which are commonly used to hear high-end music.

The list, which is now up for public comment, is titled, “The List of Frequency Limits for the Public Health of Humans: The French Government and Health Experts Recommend,” and is the result of a two-year study that sought to determine whether certain frequencies might pose a threat to the health of humans.

The report has sparked a huge amount of controversy online, with some arguing that the government’s list is dangerously misleading, and others arguing that it is scientifically accurate.

In the United States, for example, the US Federal Communications Commission has released a similar list of frequencies, which it says is the “most accurate scientific assessment of the risk of radio frequency exposure to humans.”

In France, however, there is widespread skepticism that the report is scientifically valid, with many questioning whether the government can truly determine the risks of particular frequencies.

The government is, however and should, at least acknowledge that the frequencies listed are not completely safe, and it should, by all means, inform the public on the actual frequency ranges.

“The list contains frequencies in the 5 Hz to 10 Hz range,” a spokesperson for the French government told Al Jazeera.

“In addition, it is possible to reduce the exposure to a given frequency to the same extent as other frequencies.

This is the range that is most suitable for the public health of people with the most normal hearing.”

But what about the frequencies above that?

“These frequencies are inaudible to people with normal hearing,” the spokesperson said, but “these frequencies are dangerous, in that they can affect the health, in particular, the immune system.”

For the French report, the researchers used a series of “experiments” with rats that were given an ear plug that was made of a plastic material.

The researchers then placed the rats in a chamber that had an air temperature that varied from 30°C to 140°C, with the rats exposed to a constant loud music stimulus for two weeks.

At the end of that time, the rats were placed in a room with no sound or music, with no ventilation, and then a new control room where the rats had to breathe air that was completely free of any substances.

The researchers found that rats exposed in the control room to the “dangerously low” frequency range of 60 Hz were at risk of developing a severe disease called hearing loss.

The study authors found that the frequency range was between 60 and 90 Hz, but that the exposure could be as low as 25 Hz.

The results of the study did not include rats exposed at a much higher frequency range, such as 90 Hz or even a frequency above the 90 Hz range.

In addition to the results of this study, which showed that exposure to this frequency range can cause hearing loss in humans, the report also found that exposure could also cause cancer in rats.

In addition, the findings also showed that rats could also be affected by the same frequencies as humans, as well as animals, but in a more severe way.

“We showed that these frequencies are associated with a range of toxic effects,” the French health spokesperson said.

“The frequencies are very dangerous and we have not yet evaluated their toxicity.”

In the US, President Donald Trump has taken aim at French science, accusing the government of conducting “a coverup” to hide dangerous results of their study.

“If this French government had not been able to keep their promise to the American people, the American public would be hearing about the terrible effects of the French medical system on their lives, including hearing loss and cancer,” he said.

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