What’s up with the “Precise Audio Frequency”

Fox Sports and ESPN will be announcing the launch of a new podcast for sports fans, and the announcement is likely to be controversial.

In an exclusive interview with ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt, Fox Sports Vice President of Programming Scott Smith revealed that the podcast will feature the “precise” audio frequency.

The “precision” in this case, Smith explained, is “the frequency of sound waves.”

Here’s the transcript of the conversation: Smith: We are excited to announce that the first episode of the Precise Audio frequency podcast is now live on our site.

Listeners will hear us introduce the new podcast.

The Precise audio Frequency podcast is our first foray into the world of podcasting.

The podcast will debut this Saturday, September 23, in advance of the launch, which will be followed by a special live episode on the same day.

“Precision” sounds like a bit of a stretch, but Smith says he wanted to make the audio “a bit more complex.”

“Preise” is a technical term that refers to the frequencies of sound that are emitted by a sound source, as opposed to the frequency at which it is received.

The idea behind the “speaker’s ear” theory is that the more complex a sound is, the more difficult it is to hear the sound.

For example, if you’re sitting at a desk, the sound will be more apparent because the sound waves are in the audible frequency range.

When a person stands up, the frequency of the sound at their ears will be a little lower than when they sit down.

Smith said that the Preise audio frequency podcast would be based on a new concept that he says “really has the potential to change the way we listen to sports.”

“We believe it’s something that sports fans are looking for, and we think it can be the gateway for other people,” Smith said.

“We think that it can become a great tool for people who are just starting out or have never listened to podcasts in the past.

We think that podcasts, for sports fan, can help get them up to speed with the world around them, but also help get those sports fans into the game.”

Smith said the Preis audio frequency “will be an exciting opportunity to introduce podcasts to people who haven’t been exposed to them before.”

The Preise podcast will be available for free and it will be hosted by a former NFL and NHL broadcaster, Joe McDonald.

“Joe is one of the best hosts we have on the show,” Smith explained.

“His passion for sports and the sport of radio is unmatched.

Joe has been a voice for a long time on sports radio, and it’s really important for us to have someone like him in this role.”

The new podcast will begin with a two-hour episode on September 23 and will then expand to a three-hour podcast on September 24.

Smith noted that the “first episode of Preise Audio Frequency will be an extended version of the first hour of the original Preise.

The first episode will be about the pre-game show, a series of conversations with some of the top players on the field to discuss the game and their respective roles on the team.”

Smith added that the team will be discussing “the new season of ‘Monday Night Football,'” the show that launched in April 2018, which he described as “the premiere sports podcast.”

“You can expect to hear Joe McDonald on Monday nights talking about the season ahead,” Smith added.

It will be exciting for fans to hear all the details behind the team, players, and coaches.”

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