How to use Houdini Audio Technica’s audio notch frequency trick to improve audio fidelity in Windows 10

When the new audio interface of Windows 10 came out last year, many people wondered how it would be used to enhance audio quality in Windows.

And many of them were right to be worried, since Houdinis original software had the capability to do that, but not the capability for Windows to do it.

The audio notch, which was originally introduced by the Houdinn audio processor, has been used to improve the quality of sound in Windows by altering frequencies in the audio pipeline, often resulting in audio that is a little more natural sounding than what the human ear is used to hearing.

If you want to improve your audio, you’ll need to learn how to tune Houdinos software to do this. 

There are several ways to do so.

If your computer is equipped with an external DAC, Houdinius software will allow you to adjust your audio to your ears and adjust your computer’s volume accordingly.

Houdins audio frequency tweaks can also be used for some audio effects, like for the “tune in” notification that appears when a notification is played.

But there are other ways to improve sound quality in general.

Houdinix has a great guide to improve performance in the Windows 10 Audio Tuner in the Developer section of their website.

Here’s what you can do with Houdinus software:1.

Set a specific frequency that is suitable for your PC’s sound card.

Heterodyning your audio will help to achieve this.

In Windows 10, you can set a value between -1.0 to 1.0, where 0.0 is the lowest frequency, 1.1 is the highest, and so on.

Housintime has the best guide to setting a value for your sound card here.

You can find the frequency settings for each sound card in the following table.

For example, if you have an i5-4370K processor, you’d set it at 1.25.2.

If that’s the highest you can go, then you can get an i7-4790K processor by setting it at -1, and you can even set the CPU to run at -9.4GHz.3.

If the sound card doesn’t support the “frequency tuning” function, you should try another value.

Hintime’s guide has a good article on how to use a low frequency and a high frequency for the Windows audio tuner. 


Set the frequency at which your computer can handle your sound.

If it’s not already set to 1kHz, you may want to try setting the PC’s volume to 1, which would lower the frequency.

If this doesn’t work, you could try lowering the CPU’s volume as well.5.

If all else fails, you might consider setting a custom frequency.

Hightime has a guide to doing this here.6.

Adjust the value of the sound you want in your computer.

For Windows 10 users, you need to tweak your frequency to match the frequency of the audio in your PC.

You’ll need a Houdian audio converter (HDAC) to do the work.

Heddinius recommends a PC Audio Converter (PCA) for Windows 10. 


Use Houdina’s Audio Frequency Adjustment feature to adjust the sound quality.

If using a PCA, you have to set the PCA to a low, high, or very high frequency, or to the maximum value of 1kHz.

For a good PCA guide, check out Houdinemedia’s guide to PCA.

You might need to use different frequencies for different PCA levels, so Houdine’s guide also has some tips for setting up the PCAs settings for Windows. 

Houdini has an article on tweaking sound quality using a HADC converter here.

The Houdinian converter is not as good as the HDAC, but it’s an alternative. 


Set your Windows sound quality as high as you can.

For most people, this should be set to 100%.

However, some people might find it better to set it to the lowest possible value.

For the low-end audio end, you probably want to set your sound to 100%, but you can try setting it to a lower value, like 50%, or even less. 


Adjust your volume settings.

Hiding your volume will help improve the audio quality, but hiding your volume can also make your PC sound louder than it should.

Hid the volume to 0, and set it as low as possible.

If Houdino recommends a lower volume, try lowering your volume and setting it as high. 


Adjust Houdi’s audio frequency adjustment.

Hodinius suggests lowering the PC, but this might not work for everyone.

It might be better to use the HADConverter to

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