What’s wrong with your iPhone XS Max?

When it comes to the iPhone X, Apple has managed to cram an awful lot of things into a device that is actually not very good at what it does.

The iPhone Xs Max has been criticised for the lack of facial recognition capabilities and the lacklustre camera experience.

Now, Apple seems to have finally come to terms with its iOS 12 flaws.

While the Xs model has been praised for its camera performance and built-in Face ID, it’s now been accused of being plagued with issues with the iPhone’s audio.

As The Verge reports, iPhone X users are now reporting audio issues with their phones after upgrading to iOS 12.

These issues, it seems, have been fixed, and Apple is now promising that this will not happen again.

Here’s what you need to know about iPhone X audio issues and how to fix them.


iPhone X vs. iPhone 6s: The iPhone 6S is the most popular iPhone with iOS 12 users, with over 90% of iPhone X owners now owning an iPhone 6.

However, the iPhone 6 has been a huge disappointment for users, and a huge hit to Apple’s reputation.

With the iPhone 8, the phone was one of the best-selling iPhones of the year, but that wasn’t enough to overcome the iPhone 7’s shortcomings.

The next iPhone, iPhone 8 Plus, was even better, but the iPhone had a huge impact on the iPhone market.

While Apple did make a few improvements to the phone’s hardware, like the addition of a headphone jack, it still fell short of the success of the iPhone 5.

Despite the iPhone 9s being a huge success for Apple, its audio was also a massive hit for its rivals.

iPhone 7 audio The iPhone 7 was the most expensive iPhone to purchase, and it’s easy to see why: it was one the first iPhone phones to come with a dedicated audio feature.

The XS model had this feature, but it was missing in iOS 12, and users were left wondering if the phone could actually play back music with the audio coming from its speakers.

That’s when we discovered the issue with the XS.

While we were able to fix the issue, it didn’t solve everything.

iPhone 8 audio There are a number of people who claim that the iPhone8 is the worst phone to buy, and while the X models were a huge improvement to the X’s audio, it doesn’t look like Apple will be fixing it anytime soon.

The problem is that the X8 does not play back any audio from the X, which means that it is not capable of using the microphone on the X. That means that users will need to either buy the X or upgrade to iOS 11.

If you’re a regular X user, you probably don’t care about the X feature, so this isn’t a huge deal.

However if you have an iPhone 8 and you’ve been keeping an eye on your iPhone 8s, you should probably upgrade to the new model.

The good news is that Apple is currently working on a fix for the X7 issue.

Apple has promised to roll out the update in the next couple of weeks.


iPhone 5s audio issues are still happening in iOS 11 The iPhone 5 is the least-used iPhone model, and iOS 11 has helped to keep its popularity going strong.

However the iPhone5s was also the worst-selling iPhone of the decade, and for good reason: the iPhone was the worst of all phones.

The last major iOS update, iOS 11, made a number changes to the hardware and firmware, but not enough to make the iPhone the best smartphone out there.

The biggest changes were the addition on-board camera and the inclusion of a 5-megapixel rear camera on the back.

This meant that the last two major iOS updates that brought the iPhone to iOS 10, iOS 10.1 and iOS 10 were significantly less useful than the iPhone6s.

However in iOS 10 you still had to install the iOS 11 beta for the first time, and that beta did not make a huge difference to the experience of using an iPhone5.

We also don’t think that the 5s has much chance of being a winner over the iPhone7 in this respect, since the iPhone is now one of iOS’ flagship devices.

This leaves the iPhone in the position where it was when iOS 11 was released.

The only way that the iPhones can be better is if the iPhone has a better camera and more powerful processor.

However as you can see from our tests, this has not happened.


iPhone 4S audio issues have been resolved with iOS 11 In an attempt to improve its audio performance, Apple recently added support for the iPhone4S, which is a new model of iPhone that was released last year.

As a result, the audio performance of the new iPhone has improved considerably.

However there are still a few audio issues that have been found with the 4S model, with the majority of users saying that they are unable to reproduce the

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