The ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ can’t match the iPhone 7 in terms of performance, new video shows

The next generation of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, both featuring a faster, more powerful processor, are both going to be significantly more powerful than the iPhone 6s.

In addition to a slightly faster CPU, the new iPhones have also gotten a new battery and new cameras.

And while the iPhone 5s and 5s Plus both have the same battery life, the iPhone 9 Plus will have slightly more battery life and will run on a larger battery.

This means the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will get slightly more powerful, too.

But the new iPhone is also going to have a bigger screen, and it looks like Apple is going to add a lot of pixels.

AppleInsider got a look at a new video showing off the new screen size for the new phones, and the new display is larger than the iPhones’ predecessor.

That’s big.

The video shows that the new screens will be larger than both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.

That means the new displays will have a 4:3 aspect ratio, which means the screen will have an overall size of 10.5 inches, up from 9 inches.

AppleInsider says the new sizes will make the new models slightly bigger than the 5s, 5s XL, and iPhone 6, which are all 4:2 displays.

Apple has a long history of making larger displays for its products, so the new dimensions for the iPhones will definitely make a big difference in terms.

The new iPhones also will have faster processors, more RAM, and better cameras.

The new iPhones will also have larger batteries, and they’ll have higher-resolution cameras.

Apple isn’t going to change any of the phone’s features just because the new technologies are different.

That includes the display, but AppleInsiders says the phones will also look and feel a lot like the previous models.

For example, the camera features in the iPhone will be there, but the new ones will have better video stabilization and larger pixels.

And the new phone is also likely going to feature a higher resolution display, AppleInsulator says.

Apple is also introducing a new “Retina Display” display that will be the new standard for phones with Retina displays.

That will offer the same kind of resolution as the iPhone’s Retina display, and will be able to produce a higher pixel density.

The “Retinal Display” is also the name for the next generation Apple TV, which Apple has been teasing for quite some time.

Apple says that the Retina Display is going be able “to produce images with greater detail, and also be capable of displaying a much wider variety of colors, textures, and other characteristics.”

It’s also going in for a larger screen, too, so AppleInsumer says the iPhone and iPhone 8 Plus are going to “have significantly more pixels.”

AppleInsiders also said that the iPhones and iPhone X are going for new design features, including a new bezel and a new back cover.

The iPhone X has a more rounded design, and its bezel is slightly taller, while the new one has a rounded shape that’s thinner.

The iPhone X and iPhone 9 will also get some of the new Apple Pencil accessories, which will help to improve handwriting recognition and handwriting recognition accuracy.

Apple will also make its Pencil accessory available in select countries, including Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, and Singapore.

The iPad Pro will be a “premium” model, Apple says, and can be upgraded to a “high-end” model in addition to the iPad Pro.

Apple says that this is because it’s a better product, and because of the “greater productivity, better performance, and improved features.”

Apple says it will also be bringing a lot more iPad features to the iPhone, including support for the iPhone X’s new “pencil interface.”

AppleInsulators says that iPhone 8 will also feature an improved Touch ID fingerprint reader, but that Apple will likely be able change this feature in the future.

Apple’s iPad Pro and iPad Pro Pro Plus will be available in three colors, the company says, including black, white, and red.

Apple will also offer a “white and black” version of the iPad Air 2, which is a more premium version of Apple’s tablet.

Apple may also launch a new version of its iBooks app.

It says that Apple plans to release this app for iOS 10 “in the fall.”

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