The ‘audio frequency oscillators’ of today’s phones could have their day in court

The world’s newest technology could be the sound of your future phones.

In a recent patent, Australian researchers have shown that the audio frequency band can be tuned to the sound level of a device or device’s speaker.

This could potentially give users an accurate and personalised sound level for their smartphone, tablet, or any other device that they’re using.

“We have found that we can tune the frequency of the audio signal using a very low power antenna and a very large bandwidth antenna, which is essentially a power amplifier, and we can do it in a very simple way,” lead researcher Chris Taylor said.

“It’s the same sort of thing you could do with a transistor or a piezoelectric or something, but you can get an antenna, you can build a transceiver and you can do this on a very small chip, and it’s really easy to do.”

In their paper, published in the journal Applied Physics Letters, the researchers describe a way of building a low-power radio frequency oscillatory antenna.

This allows for the design of an amplifier that is capable of producing frequencies up to 5kHz (0.4GHz).

This antenna, or transceiver, could be used to tune a smartphone’s speaker, tablet or other device to a specific frequency.

“The frequency is tuned to a device’s sound frequency, which we think is really useful,” Dr Taylor said of the research.

“Because we’re talking about a phone, it’s a phone that’s listening to the speaker.”

“If you’re talking to a speaker on a tablet, it could be very important that you don’t hear it, and that’s where we want to do that.”

Using this radio frequency antenna, the team was able to tune the frequencies of a speaker’s speaker and the microphone on a smartphone.

In the case of a smartphone, this means the device would be able to adjust the sound to a certain frequency.

In the case the speaker was listening to a microphone, the smartphone could tune to the same frequency as the microphone.

However, this frequency tuning is not always as simple as just tuning the speaker’s frequency.

“So we have to actually do some tuning of the microphone as well, because if we just go and tune the speaker, we’re going to get a much lower frequency than the speaker,” Dr Thomas said.

In this case, this can be done using a simple audio frequency analyzer, which analyzes a sound’s frequency in a way that is “accurate and intuitive”.

Dr Taylor explained that while the frequency analyzers can work in a number of ways, it is “almost always best to use a transducer and a piezo transceiver for this purpose”.

In the past, it has been possible to make this kind of transceiver out of thin air, but Dr Taylor says this is now “very difficult to do”.

“This is an example of the kind of work that needs to be done to make it more practical to do,” he said.

Dr Taylor says that this research was a step towards a better device.

“It’s a step toward the sort of realisation of what the next generation of speaker devices should look like,” he added.

“We have to do a better job of understanding how these are going to work, and make them a little more secure.”

The Australian Communications and Media Authority will be announcing the patent on the first of a series of patents that it will release to the public.

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