‘It’s not about money’: Washington radio station faces backlash for hiring Trump surrogate audio reporterThe Washington Times

title Washington radio reporter says she was fired over ‘Trump bashing’ articles articleWashington radio reporter Lauren Pascarella says she is being let go by The Washington Post after she made allegations that the paper hired a Trump surrogate to promote its articles.

Pascana, who was promoted to Washington station WUSA9 in February, was fired after she filed a complaint with the station.

She says the network has hired a “neutral” third party to cover the station’s coverage.

She has not heard from the station since.

“I am upset that they have fired me, and I am concerned about what it means for the newsroom,” Pascaresa said.

“We are a neutral, fair, objective newsroom.

I have done a lot of reporting for the station over the years.

The last six months, I have seen that coverage come across as being anti-Trump, and that was not the case at all.”

Pascaretta filed her complaint with Washington station WRAL in February after she received an email from the Washington Post, which said that she had received an “invitation” from WUSA to be a contributor.

The station, which is owned by the Post, declined to comment on the matter.

Pescaretta said she was unaware of the alleged incident until WRAL’s owner, Howard Zemsky, forwarded her an article that appeared on the paper’s website.

The article said that Pascaria was the station intern that “hosted the Trump campaign’s event in her hometown of Seattle last summer.”

The article did not mention Pascarias name.

“They never mentioned any of that to me,” Pescarenas said.

The newspaper also did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

PASCAREZA, a mother of three who is black, says the station did not hire a neutral third party.

“You do a lot to be able to talk to other newsrooms, and you have to have your voice heard,” she said.

Pascal’s complaints come at a time when Trump has been embroiled in controversy.

In May, the Republican presidential nominee faced accusations of racism in a series of tweets about Mexican immigrants.

He said he had not been to Mexico “since 1986” when he claimed he visited the country.

Trump has said he would not have been elected if he did not win the state of New York, which was previously considered a key battleground state.

The New York Times reported last week that the station is working with the Trump camp to develop a documentary about his presidency.

“It’s about how we can be more effective as journalists,” Pascal said.

When the station was hired by WRAL, Pascarenas says she believed the station would be a model for other news stations.

“People like Lauren will help shape our newsroom as a whole,” Zemski told the station in a statement.

“And if you look at other stations in the Washington area, many of those are owned by big corporations.”

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