Which of the candidates are making the best audio signal?

audio source Politico The New York Times is calling for the Trump campaign to stop using its own audio engineer, who was hired in January to design and test campaign events.

In a report on Friday, the Times said that the audio engineer was not hired as part of a larger team, but that “he did work in a separate unit and was used for sound design, event management and other duties.”

In an interview with the Times, the campaign’s former audio engineer said he was fired in April, according to the Times.

In the Times report, the audio director said the audio team used to work for the campaign had “no knowledge” of the audio plan and “did not have the knowledge to make sure it was correct.”

The audio director told the Times that the campaign “made mistakes” in the audio design process, adding that “it was never a very good team.”

In a statement, Trump campaign spokesperson Hope Hicks said: The audio team did not work on the campaign, did not have access to the audio, and was not employed by the campaign.

As a result, it was not necessary for the audio department to have any sort of relationship with the campaign staff.

The audio engineer has since filed a lawsuit against the campaign seeking damages.

The Associated Press also reported on Friday that the Trump team has hired an audio engineer to develop audio for Trump’s speeches.

The AP reported that the former audio director was not the sole person who oversaw the audio production.

In his lawsuit, the former director claims the audio was not done “by the campaign but by the team, including those who worked in the campaign office, the sound designers, and others who were in charge of the production.”

“The campaign had no idea the audio would sound this bad,” he said.

“It was not designed to be perfect.

There were people in the office who didn’t know the audio system was so bad.”

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