The Best Audio-Technica ATX Processor for VR-Ready PCs

The audio processing chip for the Oculus Rift, which is set to go on sale on September 12, will have a frequency-shifting filter that will be capable of filtering out noise, making the headset more immersive and enabling it to work with the latest virtual reality software.

The audio filter, which will be part of the Oculus’ VR software, is expected to be available in the Oculus Home headset on September 11.

However, we have now learned that audio filter is a new addition to the Oculus Audio SDK, and not an audio processing part.

The VR software will use the filter to automatically detect and block certain audio content, so that players can play at a smooth 90fps.

There is currently no VR-specific audio filter on the Oculus SDK.

However the new filter, if it exists, will be useful for developers to create a high-fidelity audio solution for their VR games.

Oculus’ Oculus SDK has been heavily criticized for being buggy, with users reporting that the interface didn’t work at all, and that audio wasn’t properly filtered.

Oculus has now announced that it has removed the filter from the SDK, as it was no longer necessary for the headset to work.

The new filter will be compatible with all current VR headsets, as well as all of the current Oculus Touch controllers, and it will be included in Oculus Home, Oculus’ consumer VR headset.

Oculus also announced that they are looking to add a new audio filter for the upcoming HTC Vive headset, which may or may not include an audio filter.

The Oculus SDK is still in its beta phase, and many developers have expressed their disappointment at the fact that the filter will not be available at launch.

Oculus says that the VR filter is not part of any existing audio SDK.

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