When the media is your friend: how to help the media thrive in Australia

The media is Australia’s “greatest asset”, with a $50bn market cap and an estimated $600bn in revenue.

But the country is in crisis and is facing an unprecedented economic and social crisis.

We know this because, in the wake of the election, our media coverage was overwhelmingly negative.

The mainstream media’s coverage was one of the worst in the world.

It was largely hostile, negative and uncritical.

The ABC, Fairfax, News Corp, ABC Local, ABC News and the Guardian had almost no positive coverage.

And the big media, including the ABC, the Herald Sun and News Corp’s regional newspapers, were all largely negative.

AAP/ABC News More: It’s an unusual situation, given Australia’s global reputation for quality journalism.

In fact, Australia’s media industry is one of our most admired.

Yet we also know it is a failing one.

The media’s main source of funding is through advertising.

The money it receives from advertising can be used to buy a lot of advertising space.

But it is the quality of the reporting that matters most, particularly in times of crisis.

So what can the media do to improve its coverage?

First, it should recognise that there is an urgent need for reform in the media.

In the wake the election we have seen that the mainstream media is deeply flawed, often partisan, biased and self-interested.

As a result, the country has been hit by a crippling crisis.

There is a lack of impartiality, transparency and accountability in our media.

This has led to a vicious cycle of negativity that has driven Australians to take to the streets, to call for reform and to demand better coverage.

In response, the government is considering a new model of public funding.

The current model, which includes advertising revenue, is a failure.

But with the right reforms, Australia could potentially become the best media-funded country in the developed world.

We need to change how we fund the media, not only for the good of all Australians, but also for the great good of the country.

To change our media-funding model, we must look beyond the money and find ways to better support the journalism industry and its communities.

The right media funding model is needed to create a more positive, fair and accountable media environment that promotes the public good and protects our democracy.

It will also ensure that journalists can afford to be journalists, not simply paid for their journalism.

As journalists, we should be working with our communities to improve the quality and balance of our reporting.

And when our media are our friends, we need to be there to support them, too.

A new model: the ABC and the Herald Today, the ABC’s Australian Story, the Guardian Australia’s First Look and the ABC News Breakfast are among our national daily programs.

We also carry the ABC Newshour and ABC Radio National, as well as the ABC National Public Service.

The Herald Sun has a weekday morning news program and an afternoon program on radio.

News Corp Australia is a national public broadcaster that produces some of the most powerful, influential and well-informed journalism in Australia.

We have produced a number of high-profile investigative reports in Australia, and have a significant portfolio of regional and local journalism.

The Sydney Morning Herald has a broad range of content and the News Corp website is an invaluable source of information for readers around the world, and a significant source of business and government information for Australia.

As part of its portfolio of content, the Daily Telegraph has an international readership, has a global reach and has won many awards.

This includes the 2014 Australian Journalism Awards.

It also has a large readership in Australia and has an outstanding reputation.

The Financial Review is a broad-based, cross-media magazine covering the global economy, politics, science and technology.

The paper also has coverage of a number different political issues, such as the federal election, state and local governments, and the financial services industry.

The Guardian Australia is the leading English-language media organization in Australia with nearly 400 newspapers and more than 10,000 journalists across Australia.

It is a news and opinion source, providing a voice for Australia’s journalists, both locally and internationally.

It’s also a strong voice for Australian business, with strong editorial independence, a wide-ranging coverage of international events, and an influential international editorial team.

And, most importantly, it’s the media for which the Australian people expect the most.

The Fairfax Media is the largest privately owned Australian newspaper group with more than 3,000 employees across the country, including hundreds of staff in the capital, Sydney.

The Australian Financial Press is a global publisher of financial and business news, including local and national financial and economic news.

The Daily Telegraph is Australias leading international news and information source, covering global affairs and international business and financial issues.

The News Corp-owned Herald Sun, which publishes Australia’s largest business daily and is owned by Rupert Murdoch, has long been Australia’s most trusted and trusted

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