‘A man in his 40s is dying of cancer’: ‘His daughter was his only hope’

An old man who lost his mother two years ago has a daughter who has a rare type of blood cancer, which he is hoping to fight by getting a transplant.

The man in question is 71-year-old Ashok Kumar, who was admitted to the University of Western Australia hospital on November 3, aged 74.

He has spent the last few years fighting cancer and has a few days left of life.

In his hospital bed, Ashok’s daughter has been fighting the cancer.

“My father was a carpenter, and I used to take care of him in my home in Jind, Jharkhand.

I would walk him around with a rope.

I used him as a car to make the road to his house.

We used to walk on the dirt road and walk down to the water.

He used to come back to our home every once in a while,” said Ashok.

The family of the man, who also has two daughters, has been trying to get the donor card for him.

His daughter is also a member of the community and she is keen to donate her blood for the man to fight the cancer.

“When I came to hospital, I told the doctor that my mother passed away after having two strokes.

He said that we need to go to the hospital immediately.

I told him that I don’t want to go.

I don�t want to die.

But the doctor told me that we can�t give her blood because he doesn�t have a heart.

I want to donate my blood,” said the 71-years-old.

Ashok’s family has started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the transplant.

So far, more than Rs 6,500 has been raised by the GoFundME page.

The doctor said that he will give his blood to the man as soon as possible.

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