‘We will see what happens’: NSA’s ‘weeping tweet’ is a ‘weapon’ in cyberwarfare

The NSA’s “weeping” tweet, which it claims is aimed at “spying on” foreign governments, is “a tool that can be used to cause disruption to governments, companies, and governments around the world,” the agency said in a statement.

“It’s designed to cause disruptions to the operations of our adversaries.” 

The tweet was made by a senior NSA analyst on March 22, 2018, the day after Donald Trump was elected US President, and is the most-liked tweet in the agency’s history, according to the NSA’s Twitter account.

 The NSA, which also released the tweet, said it “wouldn’t want any adversaries to be able to use it as a weapon against our adversaries or others.”

The tweet read: “As I mentioned in the past, we are not going to be doing anything more with our country’s secrets or any of our people’s secrets,” the NSA said.

“But our adversaries will use this as a tool to cause havoc, disruption, and disruption of government operations.

They will use it to steal information, compromise networks, and steal credit card numbers and other sensitive information, including private business card data.”

This is a weapon that can cause disruption of governments, businesses, and countries around the globe.” 

In the statement, the NSA also said the agency “has been working closely with our allies and partners to assess the consequences of these actions, which are inconsistent with the agency and its core mission of protecting the American people.”

 “We continue to evaluate and work with our foreign allies and allies, as well as with our domestic partners, to ensure that our intelligence capabilities are in line with their obligations under the law and to ensure their ability to protect their networks and data,” the statement said.

It added that the agency has “conducted extensive reviews and assessments” of the tweets and that the NSA is “continuing to conduct those assessments.” 

As it happened: “The NSA will not be making a comment on a specific tweet or on whether it’s true,” the company said.

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